Dollars and the Queen? just seems wrong

Placencia – they speak English!

We are very much in the Caribbean now, the Caribbean that I had always imagined. Patois is now spoken along with English and a very youthful Queen now features on all the notes – it’s like stepping back to the 80s.

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Little Corn Island

Christmas on Little Corn Island

There is a darker side to Little Corn which cannot be ignored. The island is a major refuelling station for cocaine smugglers coming up from Colombia heading to the US.

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Cuzco – post Inca Trail weight gain

The plan is to spend just three days here before heading off to Lima. The truth is we are almost done with Peru, we’ve already done most of the ‘must dos’ and the ‘have to sees’ have been seen.

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Buenos Aires – time to hit the road again

we have managed to get ourselves onto a fantastic volunteer program in Ecuador. For the whole of October we shall be staying in the Ecuadorian jungle together with another six or so volunteers and a couple of vets looking after injured and previously captive Amazonian animals.

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