Rio Gallegos – not that interesting

After an 18 hour overnight bus, five hour layover in Caleta Olivia and another 10 hour bus (wild llamas and horses en route) we arrived in Rio Gallegos. The Lonely Planet lists this place as not very interesting, the highlight being very high tides and some good fishing nearby. We have a day here due to the bus timetable so intend to try and prove them wrong, and find something really cool.

Patagonian road south
Inside the bus at sunset, it's cold outside

There is not a whole lot to do in Rio Gallegos. There is one main street with a few shops and restaurants and a beach front peppered with memorials to those who fell duing the Falklands war in the 80’s. It appears this place was a bit of a hub for the military during the conflict.

The wonderful Rio Gallegos

Pictures could only be made MORE tragic if I were to plant a limbless charred child’s doll in the foreground.

Islas Malvinas ( ahem. Falklands ) thataway

Well, that’s Rio Gallegos. If you find yourself needing to stay here (you cannot book anywhere online) we recommend Hotel Sehuen. We also had a cheap and tasty hamburger at a place called Pizza Express. They have clouds and twinkling stars on the ceiling.

At night the locals walk the streets with burning torches. We are not sure where they were heading.

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