Rio Gallegos – not that interesting

After an 18 hour overnight bus, five hour layover in Caleta Olivia and another 10 hour bus (wild llamas and horses en route) we arrived in Rio Gallegos. The Lonely Planet lists this place as not very interesting, the highlight being very high tides and some good fishing nearby. We have a day here due to the bus timetable so intend … Read more Rio Gallegos – not that interesting

Chile – Lollapalooza festival 2011

We are only in Chile for four days. We’re coming back, but this time it’s a quick return trip from Mendoza over the Andes. Destination: the Lollapalooza music festival being held at Parque O’Higggins in the centre of Santiago. We decided not to take a camera with us but instead made a little video of the shenanigans. The public … Read more Chile – Lollapalooza festival 2011