Buri Natural Resort

Koh Chang was a little too busy for us so we only spent one night and then got a speedboat (thank god for Thai sea sickness pills) to Koh Maak. It’s a tiny island just a few hours away and so far wins our award for being the laziest place on earth. The island is only fully open to visitors for around four months a year due to the weather. Some of the accommodation is a little tired so get there early and eyeball huts rater than book upfront. We split our time between a place on the main beach and then another resort on the other side of the island which we really recommend.

Buri Natural Resort
Buri Natural Resort

Buri Hut Natural Resort is a cheap resort made up of about 20 bungalows, pool, bar and restaurant. There were about four other people staying whilst we were there, but we never saw any of them very much. The next few days we spend doing nothing by the pool (except getting a little sunburnt). The staff are great and food excellent and there are even a few pets to keep you company: a cat that never shuts up, two great dogs and two tame boars. The boars like a tummy rub and massage, just make sure you wash your hands afterwards.

The pet Boar

So that’s it. Asia over. The plan was to wind down, forget work and stop talking in PowerPoint. Job done. We are going to keep up the blog. We’re not great writers but it’s fun and a great record for us to keep of our travels and hopefully it’s at least a little interesting for anybody else who’s reading,Thanks for all the emails and comments and feel free to ask us any questions about Asia if you’ve organised a little trip yourself.

What next? Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, down the Amazon into Brazil again, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. Should take us around one year.

Looking forward to meeting up with visiting friends along the way… Rich & Leah.

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