It’s finally November. Just 28 days until we set off on our trip. Only four more weeks of the daily grind until we say goodbye to the grey skies of England and head off into the proverbial sunset. This time next month we’ll be lying back in our hammocks whilst our fellow Londoners embark on the annual torment of Xmas shopping madness. As they fight over the frozen turkeys we’ll be sipping cocktails with the waves lapping gently at our feet.

Alas, it’s also only four more weeks of English pubs, Sunday roasts, and dare we say it, Saturday night TV. But most of all, it’s only four more weeks with the people that make England home – our friends and family, those nearest and dearest who will be in our thoughts as we set off on our travels.

And so, since there is not room in our luggage to take you with us, this will be our way of sharing our experience with you and anyone else who cares to follow us on our way. But for now, it’s back to the grindstone, for there are still four more weeks to go…

Rich & Leah

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